All School Skate

The COOLEST field trip ever!!

It's that time of year to start organizing your school events and we would like to be a part of the fun and excitement here at the Community Ice Rink!

Private School Rental:
For times available 425.322.2653.

Want to raise money for your school?
We want to help you raise money for your school or organization. If car washes or candy sales have grown stale, this program offers a great opportunity to raise money through the Community Ice Rink fundraising program. We help many top organizations raise substantial funds through this program.

For more information please call 425.322.2653.

Contact Info

Ice Rink Front desk: 


Dir of Ice Rink Operations: 

425.322.2652 or Email

Ice Rink Sr. Supervisor:  

425.322.2653 or Email

Skating Director:

425.322.2653 or Email

Youth Hockey Director: 

425.322.2653 or Email

Parties / Group Skate: 

425.322.2653 or Email