Everett Figure Skating Club

The Everett Figure Skating club is a Non-Profit association representing the growing Everett Figure Skating Community through activities and programs that promote the development of Figure Skating in Everett. Many Figure Skating Clubs throughout the Nation are formed to represent skaters in qualifying and non-qualifying events sanctioned by United States Figure Skating Association and the Ice Skating Institute. Our Everett Figure Skating Club is a member of the USFSA and will in time be able to host sanctioned, qualifying events that will bring national attention to our region. Therefore it is to our benefit to participate in the structure of the Everett Figure Skating Club and create a lasting relationship with its volunteers and members.

For more information contact Ice Rink Manager for the Community Ice Rink at Angel Of The Winds Arena at 425.322.2653.

For more information about United States Figure Skating in Everett, please contact the Everett Figure Skating Club at www.everettfsc.org.

Contact Info

Ice Rink Front desk: 


Dir of Ice Rink Operations: 

425.322.2652 or Email

Ice Rink Sr. Supervisor:  

425.322.2653 or Email

Skating Director:

425.322.2653 or Email

Youth Hockey Director: 

425.322.2653 or Email

Parties / Group Skate: 

425.322.2653 or Email