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  • Cirque Zuma Zuma Brings Acrobatic Performance to Everett

    Features Dancers, Pole Acts, Acrobats, and Contortionists

    Cirque Zuma Zuma is an African-style non-stop action packed acrobatic show that will keep audiences breathless. It is the cradle of all cultures, the ultimate music, dance and ritual for humanity. Blending mysticism, magic and excitement, this talented cast features dancers, pole acts, acrobats, comedians, and contortionists.

    Acrobats doing handstands on high human pyramids and stacked chairs 20 feet high, men and women dancing Zulu dance, and women balancing and spinning tables with their feet, are just some of the spectacular delights that will be presented by Cirque Zuma Zuma.

    This dance and variety show reflects the deepest roots of Africa’s civilization. The performer’s precise movements and flexible showmanship have provided entertainment to people from all walks of life for centuries.

    Associated with the esteemed Bomas of Kenya, the African Acrobats International Academy upholds over 2,500 years of tradition. African Acrobats International, Inc. has established something new to bring to the American Audiences: the allure of the African Circus.

    In addition to enjoying a spectacular Cirque performance, audience members will have an opportunity to see a brand new arena configuration. The arena will be set in a sideways set-up instead of the traditional vertical set-up. The new configuration will allow for optimal viewing of the stage for audience members and suite holders.
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